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Matt Elbe

I shoot trap at for our county's team. Besides family and god the things I really love are playing sports and Hunting. I have been going hunting with my dad since I was 5 years old. I was able to carry a gun when I turned 12. Turkey, bear, deer, rabbits, and grouse are a few of the other animals I enjoy hunting. My dad and I are going on a bear hunt in June to Manitoba.The first animal that I ever bagged was a turkey. I shot it at a range of 43 yards with my Browning 20 gauge pump action shotgun. It was a 23.5 pound Tom, its spurs were 1 and 1/4 inch long and lastly it's beard was 12 and 3/4 inches long. The hunt only lasted for about 30 minutes as I had a very good guide who was extremely knowledgeable about the area I was hunting and about calling turkeys. Since then, I have shot 3 bucks with my Browning 7 mm 08. Also I have shot a buck and a doe with my bow. I am very proud of all the animals that I have been fortunate to harvest.

Devon Severson

Hunting means a lot to me, because it is something I can truly enjoy. I love it because I get to spend quality time with my dad, and it is a great experience to sit with him and wait for the animals to come in. I love the adrenaline, and that ecstatic feeling that you always get right after shooting something. I think that every child should have to go hunting at some point in their life. It brings people together, teaches patience, and honestly, I just love to shoot.


Dylan Windingstad

My name is Dylan Windingstad from Wyoming, MN. (15) I look forward to the whitetail season here in Minnesota, especially the rut. You get to see all kinds of big bucks that you haven't scene all year. I shot this 9 point chasing a doe and he was grunting up a storm. But for me it's not all about the harvest, it's experiencing all the wildlife that you see, and getting to spend time with family and friends . Whether it's deer hunting or turkey hunting I can't get enough time in the woods.

Tyson Davids

My name is Tyson Davids (13) and I live in Forest Lake, MN I am fortunate enough to come from a family with a rich hunting tradition.

I still remember the first time my dad took me hunting, I absolutely loved it. We didn't see anything but it was still a blast. 
Also I have two English Setters (Frankie and Lucy) who love to hunt too!
Jack Olson

Hi, my name is Jack Olson. I am 12 years old, but the first time that I remember hunting is when I was about 6 years old. My dad and I were turkey hunting, but didn’t have any luck that morning, until we were about to get out of our little tent. We saw this Hen that was like 2 feet away from us. As a 6 year old, I thought that it was the coolest thing in the world, but as we stepped out, a little branch snapped, and that is what gave us away. Little did I know that right then and there, my love for hunting would only increase.

As I got older, I got to hunt in several different places, but my favorite by far was the Boss Tent with my Grandpa and Dad. It is where I shot my first turkey, but I’ll save that for my blog.



Zeke Severson

My Name is Zeke Severson.  I love hunting because I get to watch nature’s ways without disturbing it.  You never know what you are going to get to see.  There are all kinds of animals you get to watch that do not know you are there..I’ve harvested five deer, four turkeys although I have never shot one without trapping it; I have trapped three coyotes and shot several doves.  In the off season I love to shoot my bow at 3D shoots and target shoot with my guns.

Tyson Pottenger

Hi, I am Tyson Pottenger, I am ten years old and I LOVE to hunt. I have hunted since I was two years old with my dad. I would sit in double treestands with him for deer, elk and bear. I love the whole experience of getting an animal, from the scouting to the gutting, skinning and butchering. Because there is no better feeling than getting an animal down.I love bowhunting and am I working very hard to become the best whitetail bowhunter I can be. I can pull 50lbs on my Diamond Razer Edge bow.  I scout, shed hunt, find my own bucks and sheds and my dad and I hang treestands all over Idaho and Washington to hunt different bucks. I put in a lot of hours and miles. I have traveled to Iowa deer hunting and hope to travel all over North America to hunt whitetails.I also love to hunt bears, turkeys and elk. Shed hunting is one of my my favorite things to do. Last year I found 21 whitetails on my own and 1 big 6x6 elk shed. I have shot one buck and a turkey so far. I can not wait to hunt this coming year and many more. 

Jack Dahl

I love to be outdoors in the summer spending time at lake mary in alexandria mn fishing with my grandpa and going to northome mn where we have 80 acres of hunting land we plant alot of different food for the deer to eat started hunting with dad on uncles farm in browerville mn where i shot my first deer last fall. Dad bought me a missions bow when i was 6 to shoot in back yard in april of 2012 dad found midwest archery in st michael mn then i started shooting 4 to 5 days a week with the help from the midwest staff and dad i went from a average shooter to a 300 50x shooter in a year on 3/15/14 i was in a archery tounament in st michael wher i took 1st in youth 12 & under at 10 yds then i shot in young adult 13 - 18 at 20 yds and took 3rd my goal is to help other young archers achieve good scores and help dad with new deer plot in browerville with the help of Monster Raxx i hope to bag the BIG ONE hope to see you at a range this summer. 

Gavin Carpenter
Hello my name is gavin carpenter and i live in a small town in southeast ohio. My dad first introduced me to hunting at the age of 6 where i was fortunate enough to take my first deer a doe with my .410 single shot.from then on i was hooked. The next year i was fortunate enough to take my first buck an 8 pt with my crossbow. The next few seasons just kept getting better with a heavy horned 7pt in 2011. 2012 was a year for me to remember with my best deer to date a 9 pt. Scoring in the 130's taken during ohio youth gun season. 2013 was also a year to remember but not for deer. I was able to take my first turkey a 22lb 10 inch about a rush hearing those turkeys gobble at twenty yards words cant describe it. When im not hunting i like shed hunting and checking trail cameras with my dad. I would like to wish all of you the best of luck and happy hunting
Allen Crowe

My name is Allen Crowe and I am 9 years old.  Last year I shot my first turkey and my first deer (a spike) with a crossbow.  I like to hunt out of a treestand because it's fun to be way up high and be sneaky for the deer.  I like to go hunting with my family and watch them hunt too.  We also get to go look for shed antlers and I just found my first one on my own!  I was so excited!!  We had my dog Rusty out with us when I found my antler and he found one the day before.  I also like to look at trail camera pictures with my dad to see what big bucks are out there.  We put minerals out for the deer and put trail cameras up to see them grow.  I love being outside and thinking about hunting.
I like to play baseball and my Little League team is the Cincinnati Reds this year.  I really like all kinds of sports too!  I also like to go fishing and camping.  I enjoy shooting my crossbow outside to get ready for deer season.

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