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Pro Staff

Justin Hollandsworth
My grandfather gave me my start when I was around seven years old.   Since then I have been fascinated whitetails and cannot get enough.  The title "PRO" has never really fit me, just because I believe the the real pro is that four year old plus whitetail buck.  In my home state I really enjoy locating that one maybe two bucks and really learning everything I can about them in hopes to possibly get a crack at them.  The bow is my weapon of choice and just would not have it any other way.  Over the years I have hunted Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. Outside of my Whitetail Addiction I enjoy doing crossfit and spending time with my beautiful wife Lori and my five year old son Mason.
Troy Pottenger

My name is Troy Pottenger. I was born and raised in the mountains of Northern Idaho. I still call it my home today, where I live with my wife and two sons. I cut my teeth over thirty years ago on mountain whitetail bucks, and to this day I have yet to find another game animal that intrigues and excites me like an old whitetail buck does. They are a reclusive creature of a different nature. Deciphering and capitalizing on their tendencies and movements is a year around passion of mine. Scouting and breaking down huge tracts of public lands and some private grounds in search of the mature buck is what I live for. Furthermore, seeking out and building a history with individual bucks is rewarding beyond explanation. I cherish every day afield; always learning something new. The mountains are my home, I enjoy sharing my experiences with others through filming, writing and seminars.

Jackson Wegner

I like putting out Monster Raxx mineral and checking trail cameras with my dad.  I like fishing, camping, shooting guns, and my bow with my family and I am excited to go on my first hunt.

Mason Drake

I was introduced to hunting before I was old enough to walk. Living in Southeast Minnesota is a hunter's dream; from the hills and valleys of Fillmore and Houston County, the hunting here for me is endless! My grandpa, brother, and mother are avid hunters. Whether it be Deer, Turkey, Coyotes, or Pheasants, hunting is a yearly tradition that has brought my family closer than I could ever imagine. Though I hunt gun as well, bow hunting is my passion!  At just  9 years old I was given my first bow and arrow, and ever since then it's something my heart is fully committed to. It's something I always look forward to getting out and doing, it seems as if being in a stand is where I spend the majority of my time during the season. And when I can't be in a stand I am always doing something to prepare to lure in a hunter's dream buck. Hunting is something that has and will be forever in my life, that's why being on the Monster Raxx team is a great opportunity.

Jeff Brunner

I was born and raised in the “Big Buck Capital” that is Buffalo County, Wi.  My dad taught me how to hunt and fish at an early age.   Being a dairy farmer and seed corn producer, he also taught me valuable lessons in crop production that has served me well in the new hunting age of food plots, forestry management and overall trophy deer management .  My wife Lisa and I bought a portion of my dad’s farm and for the last 11 years we have successfully managed those acres, harvesting several top end trophy bucks.  For the last 2 years we have used Monster Raxx products with awesome results and cannot wait to see the next great product they add to their impressive line of products.

Lisa Brunner

Growing up in west central Wisconsin, whitetail hunting has always been a true passion of mine.  My love of whitetails has evolved to include planting food plots and forestry management on our property.  Since 2006, I have harvested several trophy caliber bucks with two of those bucks listed in the current Boone and Crockett edition.  These trophies were all harvested our 100 acre property.  My husband Jeff and I, along with our two daughters Kylie and Lauren, love to manage our property with producing monster whitetails as our goal.   We have been using Monster Raxx mineral for the last two years with great success.  Monster Raxx has a great formula that is not only good for deer but also a great attractant that works extremely well for getting awesome trail camera pictures.

Ryan Buntrock

God bless my grandpa, who, so willingly, took a noisy, eager 6 year old hunting for the first time. A fire that still burns in me, was lit nearly 20 years ago, and I've never looked back. I cherish those early memories of hunts with my grandpas, and Dad, too.
The older I got, the more entrenched I became in trying to understand whitetails. There is always something more to learn about their habitat, their nutrition, their behavior, and their character that keep the fire stoked.
The deer get all the credit, but the most important aspect in hunting is the camaraderie and friendships made along the tales and trails.

Jeff Carpenter

My name is Jeff Carpenter and I spent the first 23 years of my life living in North Central New Hampshire where chasing large and smallmouth bass was my passion in the outdoors. It wasnt until relocating to Southeast Kansas with my wife 5 years ago that I began to chase whitetails with a bow and the obsession grew from there.  I enjoy watching a buck grow from a spike, to a mature monarch and trying to get close enough to kill him with my bow. Outsmarting big deer is what drives me to improve as a whitetail hunter. Minerals sites, food plots, habitat improvement, shed hunting, and trail camera monitoring are a way of life on the Kansas farm. I also co-founded a hunting blog called where I enjoy sharing all of my whitetail encounters. When work is done in the deer woods you can find me still chasing after bucketmouths, predator hunting, waterfowling, grilling up some backstrap, or sharing the Gospel of my Lord and Savior.

Ally Lester

I shot my first deer this year at 10 years old. The last few years I have helped my Dad scout, freshen mineral sites and check trail cameras. I also like to play softball, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics.  

Brian Baran
Coming from a hardworking family of coal miners in  Pennsylvania, I learned at a young age to appreciate hunting and the  outdoors.  I still remember the first deer I killed, a monster doe in the  mountains of Pennsylvania. Well it felt like a monster, I was only 13 and doe  tags where hard to come by then in our state.  Hunting for me is a way to  let go of the everyday grind and enjoy family and friends in a setting that only  members of the outdoor community can relate.  In 2006 I shot my first  monster buck with Tom Indrebo , it scored 168" and in 2012 I hammered a 144"  again with Tom.  Those bucks are awesome experiences but just being in  nature, learning from mistakes and being with people I care about is what makes  me happy.  I'm just an average working guy who puts his time in a was  offered a great opportunity with Monster RAXX.  Thanks to  Dan Treakler for putting up with me through the years and to my wife for letting  me do what I love.  Remember to think positive and you gotta want it!  LOL!!
Scott Baran

 I grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania and have been lucky to have been introduced into hunting by my grandfather, dad and my brother at a young age.  When I am not working I can be found in the woods checking game camera's and scouting for new areas to hang a tree stand.  One of my favorite past times is bow hunting for whitetail and just shooting the bow in general to keep me honed in on my skills.  I have also been lucky to hunt the famous Buffalo County in Wisconsin  and to have harvested a mature 158" whitetail from Bluff Country Outfitters there.  I'm even luckier that have had this opportunity to become a Pro Staff Member thanks to Monster Raxx and Dan Treankler.  

Dan Treankler

Born and raised in the woods of Wisconsin , where I was raised to be both a die hard packer fan and an outdoorsman. As a boy, my dad brought us up chasing small game and whitetails. His enthusiasm for the sport was something he passed onto me and that I aspire to foster for others in my life. I enjoy the skills one develops when hunting game, but also love the opportunity to develop relationships with others who also share my passion. I have been fortunate to pass on my knowledge and values of nature to my (3) children. Along with being an avid hunter and devoted husband, I have had the opportunity to provide guiding services to hunters from across the country, who I am happy to call friends- thank you, for all the camaraderie and good times! Whether chasing a cottontail or strategizing to harvest that trophy buck, for me it always comes down to the love and respect for family, friends, and the outdoors.

Michael Ruppert

My name is Mike Ruppert and I was born, raised and still live outside of Wright City, Missouri.  Hunting was always a way of life growing up, I can still recall packing my dad's squirrels and rabbits when it seemed like I had just learned to walk.  I did most my hunting with firearms until I put my hands on a bow 12 years ago and it only fueled my hunting addiction even further.  During deer season or the off season I can always be found in the woods.  Stand adjustments, mineral sites, trail caming and practicing with the bow takes up much of my free time.  Whitetails are my true passion and consumes my whole fall and most of the winter.  I'm very excited about joining the Monster Raxx team,  it's the best product I've come across for drawing in and keeping deer hanging around full time on the farm.

Brent Larson

Im a Minnesota boy thru and thru, with over 20 years of bowhunting experience and just about 20 P&Y animals to my name! I've been filming hunts just over 15 years now for myself and others and have just recently started my own production company (Field of Dreams TV) with my best friend and wife Nicole (weller) Larson! Between the two of us we have over 25years experience working in the archery business. I  have always had a soft spot for mentoring kids to keep the sport alive, and passing on my knowledge to others thru sportshows and seminars! Running mineral and cameras are the key tools in knowing what your hunting season is going to bring! You can check us out on

Andy Orr

First things first… I am so thankful to be part of one of the greatest tribes on earth, the American hunter.  It is my great honor to call them friends and family.  My wife is a huntress and I have 5 year old twins that are becoming little hunters as well.  I have hunted for  30 years now and passing those traditions on to them is the greatest thing i have ever been involved with.  I am lucky to co-own Advanced Whitetail Systems which does specially designed hinge cutting timber projects and land management all over the midwest.  We use monster Raxx to improve the health of our deer herd, grow larger bucks, and help our land owners create accurate inventories of their mature bucks.  Helping people kill giant whitetail bucks on their property is the best job I could have. It allows me to be part of the story of some of the most legendary animals to ever walk the earth. 

Thomas Ash

Another small town Kansas boy here. Being from the sticks of Central Kansas I grew up hunting and fishing. I missed my first day of kindergarten because the white bass were running and my Dad decided that was
more important.  (Mom was real pleased) It would seem from then on the outdoors took a firm grasp on my life. I got my first compound bow at age 9 and never looked back. Hunting and especially bow hunting now consume my life. My season never ends, scouting, shed hunting, food plots, mineral sites, and trail cameras keep me busy when not in a stand. Few things fascinate me more than monitoring big bucks from year to year, watching them grow until the time is right.


Todd Bricker
I own and operate a outdoor video company, since 2001, called On The Trail Outdoors. Filmed in the first ever Campbell Whitetail Challenge. My hunts have been featured over 10 times on Cabela's Memories In The Field show. I am now filming with Mathew's Dominant Bucks tv show and doing hunts for Whitetail Slam tv , both shows are produced by Tom Miranda Outdoors Inc.
Archery hunting is my main passion. Have harvested over 160 whitetails, 24 gobblers , 2 black bears and a few exoctics along my outdoor journey. Which 85% were taken with archery tackle. Have filmed with profisherman, Roland Martin, Vic Zini, pro hunter from PA and Outdoors Dan of Outdoor Traditions tv show. Been very blessed to travel and hunt lots of states, Canada and Mexico. Thankful for my wife's understanding, about my hunting passion. Looking forward to being part of the Monster Raxx team !!
Todd Erickson

I was born and raised in St. Anthony MN. Even though I grew up in the big city I was fortunate enough to have parents that had a love for the outdoors. Being able to hunt and fish from as far back as I can remember started something that would eventually turn into an obsession. This obsession that runs through my veins has no bounds, whether its hunting black bear in Northeastern MN, stalking giant whitetails in KS, or even battling monster muskies in Canada. Becoming a part of the Monster Raxx team and being able to help represent such great products is an honor and a high point in my endeavors within the outdoors industry.

Amy Veilleux-Erickson

My story is a little different than most. I did not grow up in a small town, nor did my family get me into hunting.  I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota & I
still live in the Twin cities. I’m very proud of where I came from, but I am more excited about where I’m going.  When I was 20 I met my now husband Todd.  For the first few years, I would help him prepare for the different seasons, and during that time, I discovered how much I enjoyed just the “preparation” part of Hunting.  After seeing that passion, he invited me to hunt with him. I harvested my 1st buck next to him. This passion later blossomed into a downright obsession.  I now share this along with my other passions which include Health & Fitness, Biking and spending time in the outdoors.  I feel very privileged to be a part of the Monster RAXX team and I look forward to all the adventures.

Rayn Wilson

I grew up on a small farm in WV where I currently live. I started hunting at a pretty young age and harvested my first deer when I was 7. I began bow hunting when I was 13 and it has become my passion ever since. My area is not well known for huge whitetails but I have managed to harvest some respectable deer (all with compound bow). I am an avid outdoorsman and hunt just about everything native to my area. I love pursuing Black Bear with a bow and they are abundant in my area and I managed to harvest a nice one this past October.

Colton Hall

Born and raised in Central Iowa, farming and hunting is in my blood.  I've had several opportunities to hunt various places for all kinds of game, but whitetail hunting with a bow in Iowa is definitely my favorite.  Hunting for me has became a full blown 365 day a year addiction, I love the preperation and anticipation that comes with bow hunting.  Slinging countless practice shots all through the summer, trail cam photos, food plots, mineral sites, hanging stands, and day dreaming occupy my entire pre season.  Once season comes in I feel as if my eyes glow red, devoting every spare minute to sitting on stand waiting for that one long anticpated opportunity.  After season its straight back to the timber to find sheds and dream of next season, which never comes soon enough!

Vance Vinar Jr.

I was born and raised in Minnesota where my dad introduced me to hunting at a very young age.  I vividly remember as a young boy the excitement and anticipation of going on a hunt- regardless of the game.  My love for the outdoors continues to grow and I hunt just about all there is to be hunted.  As much as I love watching my dog work, my time alone sitting in the woods for whitetail has became one of my true passions.  Now that my three sons are of hunting age I have instilled in them the same love and respect for the outdoors and nothing beats taking them out to manage our land or spend the day hunting together.  I get just as excited today in anticipation of a hunt as I did when I was 5.  That’s what it’s all about.

Scott McClintick

I grew up in southeast Kansas and was fortunate to get introduced to whitetail deer hunting at a young age with my father. I currently live in Missouri but still hunt in southeast Kansas.  I think the neatest thing about whitetail deer hunting is that you never stop learning.  From patterning deer in the offseason to watching their behavior from the deer stand and even conversing with other deer hunting friends, the pursuit for the next wall hanger is truly a passion that is a lifelong learning experience. It excites me to one day pass on this great tradition to my two sons and hopefully teach them a thing or two.  In addition to chasing whitetails, I have harvested mule deer and elk, and am an avid duck hunter.

Chris Weller

Hunting in west central Illinois has been a past time in my family for years.  My dad introduced me to hunting at a very young age,and I fell in love with the sport.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to hunt a variety of game.  Hunting has not only been a way for me to meet new friends but it is also a way to enjoy spending time with my family.   We own and manage several different hunting clubs.  This allows me to spend time hunting a lot of different game including deer, ducks, geese, doves, and coyotes.  It's spending time doing what I love, hunting.

Brian Calvert

My name is Brian Calvert. I'm from Indianapolis, IN. Im 40 yrs old and I've been hunting and fishing since I was a teenager. I love to turkey hunt, predator hunt and upland bird hunt but deer hunting is my passion. The last 3 years I have been on a few different hunting shows where I have met some great people and have been to some amazing places! I love the new challenges that adding a camera to a hunt can bring! It's difficult at times but when it all comes together the hard work is well worth it! I drive a semi locally Monday through Friday but on the weekends or on my vacation time I'm usually in the woods or on the water! I also enjoy helping beginners and kids get involved in the outdoors!!

Ryan Stepan

My name is Ryan Stepan, I'm 33 years old and I live in Clayton, Wis. Im not married, but live with my beautiful girlfriend Bailey who puts up with a lot so I can do the things I love to do. When I'm not working my life and passion is chasing whitetails and everything that goes along with it. Food plots, supplemental feeding stations, moving and perfecting dozens of tree stands and keeping my archery skills tip top are very important to me and takes up a lot of my free time. I'm a current Black Eagle Arrows LLC Pro Staffer and although I do rifle hunt, I absolutely love and prefer bow hunting! When not hunting I also spend time playing competitive softball and in the winter you will find me on the hard water in search of walleyes. I'm very excited to be a part of the Monster Raxx team and cannot wait to add this product to the formula in taking trophy bucks each fall

Carla Schartz

Born and raised in the plains of Central Kansas, hunting was thought of as a way of life.  My parents never hesitated to show us the ways of the outdoor world.  However, I was a stranger to archery and deer hunting, until my husband Lance had the insane idea of me becoming a bow hunter!  Almost overnight the idea stuck.  Three years and 2 bucks later, saying that I “love” hunting mature whitetail deer would be an understatement.  I would call it more of an obsession.  Today I continue to prove myself as a hunter, learning from and watching the best in the industry, in hopes to one day pass on the love of the outdoors to our two beautiful daughters.

Lance Schartz

Born in Central KS, most of my early years were spent raising greyhounds and chasing coyotes. Coyote hunting wasn’t just hunting it was a way of life for my Dad and I. It wasn’t until I got married and started having children that I realized dog food, vet clinic and fuel bills weren’t part of a family budget. Not long after selling my dogs I bought my first bow. I had bow hunted in high school using my Dad’s Jennings Super T2, but was never serious about it.  So after a couple indifferent hunting seasons I introduced my wife Carla into my new growing interest. After 3 incredible years hunting together, we’ve developed a passion to learn, grow, and harvest mature deer on video.

Jake Rouse

I was born and raised in Kinston, NC and relocated a few years ago to Raleigh, NC. I own a full-time business and I am also a taxidermist. Hunting has been a passion of mine since I was a little boy. I can remember hanging onto my dad's shoulders while he climbed up in the stand! He has taught me almost everything I know about hunting. And I managed to harvest my first deer by the age of 9 years old. I have been hunting whitetails for 24 years now, and turkey hunting for 13 years. I spend all year feeding deer, scouting, running trail cameras, target shooting my bow and planting food plots on land across NC that we hunt. I am very fortunate that my wife and oldest daughter share the "addiction" for hunting like me and my dad do. Hunting is definitely a way of life for me and my family!

Coltyn Bettis

Being born and raised in the river bluffs of western WI, I was fortunate to to have family that was big into the hunting lifestyle!  My obsession for wanting to be in the outdoors started for me at a young age with my dad and grandfather taking me to the woods to experience the best thing on earth...Hunting! I finally got to harvest my first deer and turkey at the age of 12 and was very rewarding to use everything I had learned from my family in the few years prior! I have since then created a 365 day a year hobby by puting in many hours of hard work in the off season preparing food plots, monitoring trail cams, shed hunting and many other forms of land management for better habitat and health of all wildlife.  Bow hunting whitetails is my greatest passion as they never seem to amaze me in how smart and challenging they really are to pattern and hunt year after year. 

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