Monster Raxx Whitetail Magnet

What Customers Are Saying...

"We've been using Monster Raxx Mineral and the Monster Raxx Whitetail Magnet for the past several months at our Minnesota lease and the deer have been pouring in! Very easy to set it up and refreshing it every few weeks makes the deer healthy and keeps them coming around."

- Kevin
"Whitetail Magnet is a perfect name for this product. Put it out with corn and have full confidence you will have deer in front of your camera. In 4 days I went through nearly 100 pounds of corn, mixed with WM. The deer couldn’t get enough and were nearly falling over themselves to keep their place at the buffet."

- Derek

Monster Raxx Whitetail Magnet

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Monster Raxx Whitetail Magnet is a highly concentrated oil based attractant. Deer find the sweet cherry smell irresistible. PULL deer in wherever you use it. Whitetail Magnet also stimulates their appetite and will keep them coming back. Works great anytime using a trail camera and is effective all hunting season. Whitetail Magnet is easy to use. Simply shake well and add to 100 lb corn, grains or protein pellets. You can also pour directly to minerals, blocks, stumps or near food plots to attract deer where you want them.